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After programming various devices and formats for years, in 2000 I focused on designing and coding web sites that load content on demand into <iFrame>s.  Then I adopted the "Web 2.0" style of building Single Page Applications ( SPAs ) and using AJAX to background-load data and page updates, along with hiding and showing information.  This avoids the slow whole page reloads that cause users to abandon sites.

I use cross browser adaptive site design and coding methods that grew out of my work with the language translation group at Microsoft Research.  Web sites translated between, say, English and Slovenian, have page elements with varying lengths for the different languages, so ways of displaying multiple languages must be employed.

This led me to coding methods that fluidly display content on different size and shape screens, that avoids scrolling back and forth to read lines of text that would've otherwise extended beyond the edges of the viewport, with a single cross-browser code base.

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